// Why you should book a pre wedding photo shoot //

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Oh how I wish I had a pound for every time I recommended couples having a pre wedding photoshoot!

A pre wedding shoot or engagement shoot is the BEST way to prepare yourself for your wedding day photos.

In this post, I’m going to tell you how these sessions work for the photographer, you the couple, how to get the most from your session and what to use your photos for.

// What your photographer is going to find out //

All couples are different, and that’s ok! After 11 years of shooting, I’m pretty sure I have met every type of couple and worked out how to get the best results possible.

Some engaged couples are tactile with one another, they kiss easily in front of people and don’t mind letting the world know that they are in a relationship. This generally remains the same in front of the camera.

Other couples are much more reserved, and just aren’t up for PDAs, and that’s fine too.

Your photographer is there to make you feel at ease, work out how to get the best from you, and ultimately to produce images that you will love.

This is one of the reasons these shoots are so important! It is the best opportunity for your photographer to learn a little about your relationship and how you guys work together. We are sussing you out and seeing how your relationship works. This way we will get the most relaxed and natural images.

Now, I’m not going to lie, couples who are tactile and very open with their feelings, are always going to be “easier” to photograph. It basically takes away us giving as many prompts or direction. If people are naturally intimate, snuggling and giggling with one another, of course we can just stand back and capture what is in front of us.

Couples who are less intimate with one another, often need just a little more guidance and reassurance that what they are doing is perfect for the camera.

Whatever type of couple you are, your photographer will be able to tease out all the best bits and create the perfect images for you.

// What will you learn at your pre wedding shoot? //

Photographers all work in different ways. They will us different terms, different phrases, direct you in their own way and create an experience for you that should make you feel more relaxed ahead of your wedding day.

The pre wedding photo shoot is the best time to get to know how your photographer works. Learning how your photographer directs you ahead of your wedding is really useful.

For my couples, this is when they find out I am quite “hands on”.  I like to demonstrate poses myself to help you, I say the words “perfect” and “gorgeous” a lot and I often get overly excited about beautiful lighting! I throw myself into these shoots 100%, and my aim is to build relationships and get the best from my couples.

The engagement session is a lovely time to walk and talk with your photographer.

They will want to find out plans for your big day and find out all of the beautiful details. You can all get to know one another on a more personal level, and in a natural way.

// Where do you want to do your pre wedding shoot? //

I always encourage my couples to choose a location that is close to their hearts.

A place where you have spent time together and have created happy memories.

Top Ideas:

  • Woodland walks (feel free to bring your dog)
  • Where you got engaged
  • A city stroll
  • The coast
  • A stately home

If there is nowhere that springs to mind, then I am more than happy to provide ideas to my clients and see what they are going to feel most comfortable with.

It’s also important to think about what season you would like to do the shoot in. Sometimes couples like to have their shoot at the opposite time of year to their wedding or they might like to keep within that same season.

// What should I use my photos for?//

Some couples want to do their pre wedding photo shoots just because they are feeling anxious about having photos taken, whereas others are having the shoot so that they can use their images for wedding stationary.

Pre wedding photos are great for using as wedding invitations, table plans and place settings to name but a few. I love nothing more than turning up to a wedding and seeing photos that I have taken being used as part of the wedding day.

If couples are planning on using the photos as wedding stationary, it is important to remember to get your session booked in sooner rather than later. Apart from this, it really is up to the couple to choose at which stage they would like their shoot. Some couples like to do the shoot pretty much as soon as they book me, whereas others like to do the session nearer to the wedding, so that everything is fresh in their minds.

// A special place in time //

It’s also important to remember this – YOU ARE ENGAGED! This should be a wonderful time in your life, and spending time together is what it is all about. Pre wedding shoots are important for so many reasons, but documenting this unique time in your life should be up there with the most important.

However you look at it, pre wedding photo shoots are really important from both sides of the camera. From relationship building to helpful tips for your wedding day, they create a great basis for the perfect wedding photos.

Want to know more about pre wedding shoots? Drop me a message, I’d love to chat!

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