Finding “The One” – What to ask your potential Wedding Photographer before booking

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Choosing the right wedding photographer is a BIG decision in the wedding planning process. This person not only captures your day, so that you have beautiful photos that will last a lifetime, but they will be spending on average 10 hours with you on the big day itself.

You might be having an engagement session with them, speaking to them on the phone or via email – so they will most definitely be a big part of your wedding adventure.

Therefore, the BIGGEST question that you need to ask yourself is “Do I like them?”

Do you really want to be spending time with someone, put your trust in someone and letting this person be a massive part of the biggest day of your life and yet you don’t really like them?

The best way to get to know someone in 2024 is of course – social media!

Follow their pages, stalk them, see how they represent themselves on their grid and their stories.

Do you find them funny? Have you got anything in common? Are they showing you things that you like to see? Do their photos make you stop scrolling? Are they someone that you could sit and have a cup of coffee with?

For me your photographer is your wedding bestie – they should know all the tips and tricks, not only to capture the best possible photos but to also put you at ease on your day and help in any way they can.

“Clicking” with your photographer (yes, I know the pun there!) is the most important part of the process.

Now let’s have a little look at my other top questions to ask before booking your wedding photographer.

How would you describe your style?

There are a few different styles of photography when it comes to weddings, so you want to make sure you are booking someone who is going to cover what you want.

Here are the three most popular styles.

Lifestyle Wedding Photographer (that’s first, because it’s me!)

Capturing the day as it unfolds but styling, posing and adjusting as needs be, to get the best images possible. A real combination of candid and naturally posed images.

Documentary Wedding Photographer

This is a totally candid style/fly on the wall. These images will be raw and 100% as the day happened.

Editorial Wedding Photographer

Highly posed and edited to create magazine quality photos. If you are looking for a VOGUE feature, this is the style for you!

All styles can be totally wonderful in their own way, you just need to think about your wedding style, you as a couple and the overall vibe you want for your wedding day.

Some of my favourite photos are the moments between the relaxed posed images like this moment between Lydia and her grandmother.

Can we see a full gallery and read some testimonials?

It is SO important to see full galleries of real weddings!

Make sure they are not styled shoots (pretty as they are – they aren’t normally representative of a real wedding day).

You want to see how your photographer captures not only the big moments, but all the small moments that happen throughout the day too.

If the photographer is good – their previous clients will want to shout about them from the roof tops. They will have been more than happy to leave reviews and feedback.

Ask to read testimonials and if you really want to, ask to speak directly to previous clients too!

How much experience do you have?

We all have to start somewhere, right?

But depending on your budget, your venue and how important your wedding photos are – you want to book someone with experience.

  • How long have they been shooting weddings?
  • On average how many weddings do they shoot each year?
  • Have they shot at the venue before? (not essential but personally if I haven’t, I always try to visit the venue first or at least arrive extra early to check it out)

What happens if you’re ill or your equipment fails?

Let’s be honest, we can all get struck down sometimes and despite our best efforts, being ill happens!

  • Do they have colleagues that they can call upon?
  • Do they have a second shooter that can become primary shooter?

If they are a professional photographer, they will have back up equipment but it’s still always a good idea to double check with them to make sure! Try to understand their back up plan.

How long does it take for us to get our photos back?

Always ask the questions and make sure it’s in your contract too.

You want to know when you will be expecting your galleries/USB/Albums.

It’s also important to ask whether your photos will be watermark and copyright free.

You want to know that the photos that have been taken are yours to use freely.

Do you offer any extras?

It’s important to know whether you will be offered anything else.

Can you add an engagement session?

Can you upgrade to get albums and prints?

Will the photographer stay for extra time if needs be?

Make sure you know what you are getting and whether there are options to upgrade your package.

What do you charge?

The all important question I hear you say! But this really shouldn’t be the top of your list when searching for “the one”.

Your wedding photographer should be one of the main investments you make for your wedding day. They should be hired on skill, likability and knowing that you can trust them 100% to deliver the best service. These photos will last forever, and are one of the only things that you get to keep from the biggest day of your lives.

The price of your wedding photographer should be representative of what they are providing you.

Now I’m not being totally naïve, I know weddings are ruled by budgets, but when you are budgeting or trying to reduce costs – I hand on heart believe that your photos should not be at risk.

Why should we book you?

Just go for it!

Ask your potential wedding photographer why you should invest in them.

Try and understand what they are bringing to the table and how they are going to provide an amazing service.

Don’t be scared to ask them about wedding day experiences, and see if they can offer any tips and tricks to help you plan a successful day.

I honestly could go on all day about things to make sure you’re asking your potential photographer, but I think you’ve done pretty well to read all of this already!

If you want to know any other questions that I think you should be asking, or if you want to know MY answers to these questions, then drop me a message and I’d love to chat more!

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Nic x

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