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After a decade of running my own business, I have learnt a lot along the way, and I am so happy to be able to help others create their perfect business.

One of the biggest things that I have learnt, is that people absolutely buy from people (that they like anyway)! And what better way to show who you are, than incredible branding photos to use across your platforms.

Being able to associate a face to a company name, creates trust and authenticity with your clients, and is so important in building relationships. Clients are more likely to build an emotional connection with the face behind the business rather than your logo.

Strong branding images for your company really enhance your professionalism and help you stand out from the competition.

What is a Branding Session?

A branding photo session is a shoot where we explore how you want to visually represent your business. It’s a collection of images for you to show areas of your business, and most importantly show your face! Did you know that on social media, a post with a face in gets 90% more interaction than just a product?

Are you wanting to show your relaxed and fun style?

Are you wanting to show your audience your professional side?

Are you unsure, and just need some guidance?

Whatever you are wanting to get from the shoot, I can absolutely help you achieve it.

One of the most common things I hear from clients (in all areas of photography) is that “I don’t like having my photos taken”.

And I totally understand! So many people have hang ups about how they look, feeling awkward and just absolute unease in front of the camera.

But these things are all in our heads and are just things that are holding us back in advancing our brand.

I promise you, that after a few minutes and few different shots you will start to ease into the session and possibly even begin to enjoy it!

Starting the Branding Session Journey

The first thing I like to find out (via a questionnaire or a face to face chat) is to find out who you are, what your business does and the story behind your business journey.

It’s important to me to know a bit of your history so that I can best capture everything that is important to you.


We can shoot your branding session anywhere you’d like!

Do you have an office space that you’d like captured?

Are you looking for a relaxed coffee shop vibe?

Do you just want a blank canvas?

Whatever you think will represent you and your brand we can go for it! We can even change locations during the session too if you want to mix up the overall feel of the shoot.

It’s important to consider your overall branding colours/style so that we make sure that the photos are the perfect fit.

The location should be authentic to your brand and you.

Outfits and Props

When it comes to choosing your outfits for the session – I would recommend at least two outfit changes. Again, think about your branding colours and whether the outfits are going to work with your website/social media. I will always help you out if you are struggling – clothes and shopping is up there with one of my favourite things!

It’s really important to feel comfortable in your outfit choices. If you are feeling happy in your clothing, it will help you feel more at ease in front of the camera.

I love when clients bring along props that they use in their day-to-day business life, for example:

  • Laptop
  • Coffee cup
  • Notepad and Pen

Of course, depending on what your business does – you can bring along a few products too! These always look great in photos and only enhance what your business does.

Branding photos are essential to lift the profile of your business website, advertisements and social media. So get in touch to raise the profile of your business to the next level!

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