//Preparing for Wedding Day Group Shots//

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Wedding days are huge occasions, not only for you as the couple, but for your loved ones too. Getting group shots of family and friends is an essential part of your wedding day. These shots will be cherished, not only by you but by your guests too.

Whether you are keeping you wedding small or going big, it is really important to make sure that you are organised. Group shots can seem a little over whelming, so that is why being prepared before the wedding will really put your mind at ease.

//The List//

Before any wedding day, I send my couples a standard ‘shot list’. This is the group photos that I generally take at weddings. This list can be adapted to each couple, to make sure it suits their requirements.

For example:

  • The couple with both sets of parents
  • The couple with siblings
  • The couple with all bridal party etc etc.

My standard shot list has 10 group shots on. I always advise to keep the shot list close to this number, because it can get a little tiresome for you, to have to stand and smile on repeat with various members of the family. Of course this is totally up to you, and I can only go on previous experience from the last decade.

The shot list is by no means set in stone. If you get to your wedding day and want to adjust it again, whether that’s adding more group shots or taking some away – that is totally fine. Adjusting to these changes are all part of my job!

It’s also really helpful, if you can let me know ahead of the day, whether there are any family politics that might impact group photos. There are often divorced parents or siblings that don’t see eye to eye, and I’d rather be in the know, than put my foot in it on the day!

//The BIG Group Photo//

The photo with everyone in it – is always on the couples list!

It’s the first photo that I like to get in the list of shots. If we do this photo first – hopefully it limits the amount of time for guests to wander off and miss out in being in the shot.

If you really want to be organised, you can even get your registrar/celebrant/vicar to announce that once everyone goes outside to stay together ready for the photo opportunity.

It’s really useful for the big group photo, if I can get some height above all of you. Perhaps from a window or a balcony – this way, I can capture everyone that is there. It can be tricky being on the same level as it often means the people at the back can’t be seen. If I haven’t been to a venue before, the location for the big group shot, is one of the first things that I check out.


Planning your group shots into your timeline is important.  Generally, the group shots take place during the drinks reception. I try to make sure that you can still hear your reception music and see your guests mingling, so that you don’t feel like you are missing out.

The timeline that I send over, takes around 30 minutes to complete. This might change slightly on the day, depending on how quickly we can gather your friends and family for the shots.

I would always recommend leaving more time than not enough. You don’t want it all to feel too manic.


Don’t be afraid to assign jobs to your bridal party (bridesmaids & groomsmen).

Let them know before the big day that you will be relying on them to help you gather people for group photos. It’s always best to choose someone who is quite loud and good at organising. You can also give them a copy of the shot list (although I do carry spares!)

One of the great things about having a second shooter with me, is that they can also join in with gathering your friends and family too. The more help the better!

//The Bridal Party//

The photos of you and your bridesmaids and groomsmen is definitely the highlight of group photos for me. I generally save these until the end of the group shots – as bridesmaids and groomsmen will hang around the longest and with the most amount of patience for the couple.

I have a huge amount of fun, relaxed and creative poses to share with you and your tribe. Whether it’s sitting, standing, walking or just hanging out – these always make for some of the best group photos.

//Don’t be a Statue//

Family group photos don’t need to be boring. If you want to chat and have a laugh as well with a group of family members, this can make for great photos too. Some of my favourite group shots are ones where people are a little more relaxed, and I just get to capture the in between moments.

//Spur of the Moment//

If at any time throughout your day, you think you want a group photo with some friends or family members – then just shout! Spur of the moment group shots are often more relaxed and informal.

//Trust the Process//

The main thing to know is that you can trust me 100% to get the job done and do it as smoothly as possible.

I will find the perfect backdrop, get you all in the right places and get the group shots done as efficiently as possible.

I take more photos than I need to, because there’s always a blinker or someone looking the wrong way!

I have enough patience for all of us, so let me take on the responsibility of this time of your day and don’t get stressed by people being slow or spending too much time at the bar.

Are you planning your wedding group photos and need a little help?

Give me shout – I’d love to help you out!

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